Quidditch League at Berkeley

Keep Snitchin' Bears!

       The Quidditch League at Berkeley is a registered student group on the UC Berkeley campus that meets three times a week to play the greatest game on earth... Quidditch!

Founded in the fall of 2009, the Quidditch League at Berkley is a relatively new team that is making waves in the sporting world.  Quidditch is sort of a combination of tag, dodgeball, and water polo (without the water). Our players play for a variety of reasons, whether it be a love for the Harry Potter books or a just a love for sport, but one thing is sure, every player plays for the love of Quidditch! 

For the Spring 2015 semester our practices on Memorial Glade and VLSB will be as follows:

  • Tuesday    5-7pm Memorial Glade
  • Friday       4-6pm VLSB
  • Sunday     2-4pm Memorial Glade


         Alex Idso              Jake Stanton